Never Dead: Our Only Remarks For 2017

Nothing to report other than that we still exist.

Blasphemous Necrospork or Black Metal Snowball Fight may record something in 2018, but there are no guarantees.


Video of the Day

Social media

Behold The Octopus Records does not use social media aside from this blog. No Facebook or Twitter or whatever. That stuff is just not kvlt or underground enough.

If you think you see Behold The Octopus Records somewhere besides here, it’s not real. It’s an optical illusion or an imposter.

Blasphemous Necrowizard Necroblizzard

The Necrowizard Necroblizzard

There are preorder links up for Blasphemous Necrospork’s latest release, which is coming out in a week (8 December). Not that anyone would probably want to buy acoustic black metal.

You can also get Blasphemous Necrospork’s full discography for 50% off if you get it all at once! Check out the Bandcamp page for more details. Behold The Octopus Records has a similar deal now: 30% off all current releases if you get them all (currently 8 albums for 5 USD).

New album next month!

Blasphemous Necrospork did actually finish something. It’s 16 tracks of pure unadulterated acoustic black metal, as expected.

Impaled Northern Moonforest – Return of The Necrowizard

The greatest black metal video of all time.